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Cider Moon- Paradise Bay

March 6, 2007

Contrary to the very orange-ness of my blog (and the room in which I am working, but that will have to be a discussion for another day), I generally go for rich, dark, complex colors. This 4+ oz. of “Paradise Bay” Australian wool from Cider Moon, however, caught my eye. Granted, part of the attraction was that it was in my hands at my LYS and I had a gift certificate (thanks love!). But the real attraction here was in the spinning.

And it was fabulous.

Plying is generally my favorite part anyway, and this fiber did not disappoint. It was thrilling––there is no other word for it––to watch these colors twirl into one another. I simply split the roving into two unequal halves (the unequal part was not on purpose) and spun away, with the goal of an uneven, chunky 2-ply.

Here are my little poofs in their natural habitat, where they will be displayed until the next spinning outing, or until I hang some proper shelving in this office! (You know, it is strange that I’m posting a picture of my bookcase, considering I just remembered that last night I kept dreaming that it was falling over. I think it was a metaphor for being overwhelmed with school more than a blog prophecy, though).

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