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Wasn't it Stravinsky…

March 6, 2007

…who said that nothing is more frightening than a blank sheet of paper?

In any case, I’m a blogger now, and you deserve to know why. I’ve been pondering this decision for, let’s see, two years now. I tend to make decisions at about that rate, which is one reason why I’ve hesitated to do this.

But, now I did!

A large part of the reason was for the journal element: what am I knitting/spinning/listening to/thinking about these days?

For example, today I am thinking about Charles Ives and “The Unanswered Question.” A bit of that music was used with particular profundity in the movie Wit with Emma Thompson. A great movie, that, in every way. Almost made me, the heartless wonder, tear up in a few spots (almost). Maybe the resident was a bit overdone, but really not to a distorting degree. The tension between knowledge vs. people is one I feel every day, but understand less and less.

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