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That's just the way it is

March 15, 2007

(I wish I could know if you hear that lyric in your head as Tupac or Bruce Hornsby.)

Either way, the way it is, is changes.

Since the last post, I’ve completed two sleeves and most of the fronts of the Vogue cardigan…with the homespun that I was so convinced would make a perfect Forecast.

And purchased enough maroon yarn for that sweater as well. (It is Wool-ease, but I enjoyed the yarn so much for my bro’s Christmas cardigan that, coupled with the whopping ten dollar price tag for the whole sweater’s worth, I caved. And bought another five skeins in a seafoamy green for Salina, which shocks me too.)

There are other things going on in this life besides knitting. Maybe…

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  1. Ohio State MD 2009 permalink
    March 20, 2007 1:37 am

    “Other things going on besides knitting” … ????? Yeah right!


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