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Back to school, back to school

March 25, 2007

2) forgot about this one: the “Flora” hat from Knitwits. I bought the pattern because I thought surely there must be some clever trick to knitting this hat. Nope. It is exactly what you think it is: lots and lots of casting on.

3) Then these poor socks. Neglected like the feet they are intended to warm (because my hands are always busy knitting,you see.)

4) Shown here blocking, this cardigan––affectionately known as Vogue 19––is now in the seaming stages.

5) A long ignored project from my Lion brand/don’t think for yourself days (which obviously ain’t over yet): the “Falling Leaves” blanket in Jiffy. (Jiffy is fine for blankets and scarves, but I would hesitate to recommend it for sweaters. You may cringe as you imagine why I consider that a necessary warning.) I need to figure out some sort of edging for this blanket, in part to compensate for the parallelogram “squares.” The pattern is for a full-sized blanket, but I shriek at the thought of making 48 more “squares” with this pattern and this yarn. Thus, a baby blanket (of which you are seeing half. It is much more squarish when not gracing my futon). It shall go to the first of two friends’ babies, neither of whom are pregnant.

I also cast on for Forecast. Can I get a “whoop, whoop” (or a life)?

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