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"That was a good trick too!"

April 25, 2007


(El Guapo to Lucky Day, after shooting him in the foot and before kicking the bucket)

Salina is coming along! I finished the fronts and did the collar yesterday, and today started a sleeve. Here is a brief glimpse into the thought process that went into all of the crazy modifications…

superego* (a long time ago): I wonder if it would fit better if I skipped the bust increases?

ego: yep.

superego: since I’m using a cotton/acrylic blend yarn, and am desperately in need of summer clothes, maybe I should make this with short sleeves.

ego: yep.

superego (upon finishing the fronts and three-needle BO to the back): How long are short sleeves anyway? And how wide? And gee, I wonder if my wacky stitch count will mess with the sleeves?

ego: yep.

superego: hmm, what do I do about that… brooklyntweed! Jared! Top-down, set in sleeves! link to tutorial! Go for it!

ego: yep.

Thus far I’m very happy with my sleeves. We’ll see how long they get!

*I have absolutely no idea if I’m using these terms correctly. Let’s just pretend I am…

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