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I love you, little yarn, but whatever shall you become?

May 10, 2007



This is a merino/tencel blend I spun last summer. It is surprisingly workable: a thin fingering weight, not quite lace weight. There was four ounces, and I think probably about 5oo yds, but I never really counted. Nor did I include the coin for scale. Bad me (but good light, ay?).


I would love to make a little wrap out of it, or a simple scarf of good looks and dubious warmth. When it comes to lace, I like a simple pattern that is built out of geometric repeats of the same pattern. Of course the Shetland Triangle is always a good option, but then again I may just keep it caked forever. You never forget your first successful spin.


To counter, here is my first attempt at a fingering weight, done almost exactly a year ago. I think that this is one of the first things I did, besides the initial attempts at slightly greasy wool. You’ll notice that it is now modeled by my cat, so unsuccessful was the entire process. I have to admit that these colors weren’t quite perfect for me from the beginning, and my (stupidly done) random spinning of these colors mixed them into a quite unpleasant combination of bleeeeah and stripes! and bleeeeah (not to get all technical on you nonspinners out there). Then I (also stupidly) thought I’d design my own shawl pattern, since I had a thing for this old fern pattern. Actually, I still like the radioactive strawberry/banana smoothie look and the old fern pattern. The problem is that the old ferns really should be going the other way! Looks kind of silly as is. The biggest problem, however, is still the yarn. Shouldn’t I be punished for such poor use of Suri alpaca? The good news is that it was a gift certificate purchase from a friend’s shop (not online) and I did learn a lot about spinning. Not to mention I really enjoyed the actual process of spinning. So it ended up around my shoulders on a few chilly mornings, and then it got claimed by Vada the cat (see glamour shot below). That’s fine by me, because it means she leaves my current project alone, whatever that may be!




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