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Weekend, where hast thou gone?

May 14, 2007

The weekend was not long enough.

But we did rediscover an old love (Bono’s pizza, for any fellow Columbians out there).


And I got buttons for the baby tweed jacket.

The story behind this jacket is that a friend and fellow student just had a baby boy. Since she’s a musicologist and the father is a librarian, I thought I’d give the little fellow a leg up on looking the part of a child genius. The only thing that would have made it more perfect would be if I’d have made some of those darling baby blue jeans so he could really look the part of the laid-back academic.


Specs: The yarn is leftover from Salina––Tatamy Tweed in Taupe (really enjoyed it, by the way)––and the pattern is Debbie Bliss’s “Double Breasted Jacket” from the Baby Knits book. I think I used a size 3 and a size 1 needle (loooose knitter alert). Except I skipped pockets and the tie on the back. And knit it all in one piece. And did a little bit different collar and button placement. And did the sleeves top-down. And redid the math for my gauge and approximate age-range. I suppose I really just knit a coat that looks like the pattern. I did use the schematics, because really, how big is a baby anyway? On that note, I was originally going to add some elbow patches, but quickly realized that I have only a vague clue as to where a baby’s elbows might be.

PS A thanks to Yarnstorm for her eloquence and grace in addressing misconceptions about women in general, and knitters in particular. And of course for her ge-orgeous pictures!


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