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DIY is just how I roll

June 5, 2007

A sudden and very welcome storm.


Pines, cornfields, and empty roads mean I must have been at my parents’ house in the midwest for the weekend.

And what was I doing there? Getting a new side view mirror, after mine got whacked off in an unfortunate incident involving my driveway, the neighbor’s fence…and me in the passenger seat (minor accidents such as this one are always much funnier from that angle than the driver’s). It took all three of us (mom, dad, me) to de- and re-assemble the door to get this thing working, and there were a few Red Green moments (can you believe I just linked to that? Me neither), but now I can change lanes with confidence once more.









What is really strange about these pictures (and interesting to no one except me, sorry!) is that I’ve always thought I had my dad’s hands, but here Mom’s hands are on the left, and mine on the right. Strangely similar! The only way I knew they weren’t my hands after much debate and scrupulous picture inspection was because of her wedding ring (And I took the picture, but who thinks of small details like that?).



Knitting! There was knitting!

S’mores socks on Saturday afternoon and Monday night (they were done on Sunday, actually, but who’s counting?)

(specs: Trekking #163. Size 0 needles. 68 sts with Wendy’s toe up pattern mashup- old short row toe & new heel. 2 x 2 ribbing up the leg. )

And he loves ’em. What good taste my man has! And what good timing I have, to accidentally finish them just in time to be stuffed with Sm*rties for his birthday.*

*note: the picture is feet-filled socks, not candy-filled socks, which looked a little strange and took lots of effort for said candy extraction.

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  1. Rachel permalink
    June 21, 2007 7:06 am

    Hi! I found your blog through Nona’s Sidewinders, and even though it seems like you do most of your designing yourself, I was wondering if you followed a pattern for the tweed top in this picture (June 5)? Thanks so much!

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