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Burda 7890, already paying for itself!

March 16, 2009

A new craft means a new set of blogs, and one of my sewing favorites is Dawn at Two On, Two Off. Not only is she incredibly prolific, but she’s got great taste and she has similar shaping to me (similar, not the same–don’t expect any bikini shots here folks! You can thank me for that if you wish). So when she makes something, I pay attention.

She made a wrap top from BWoF that made it to the top of my list, and I was pleased to discover that the pattern sold in the envelope–Burda 7890–also had a jacket. When we were in the northeast this December I found myself stealing my husband’s Northface fleece jacket, in spite of my rather deep-seated prejudice against fleece (the pills, oh the pills!). But can you even imagine me paying $70 or whatever for any clothing item? Me neither. Enter Burda 7890.

I did the full review at PR here, if you are interested in the details:

I’ll just tell you all that it is supposed to be made with a sweatshirt or stretch terry, and I subbed a non-stretchy fleece in one size larger than I’d usually make. It worked out great, except for the forearms (you can see the wrinkles below). Must be those years of piano practice!

I also just sewed the zipper to the inside and skipped all the ribbon stuff. I will say the self-facing was very cool!

So the jacket has great lines, is comfy, and collects cat hair like it’s gold.

From sewing
From sewing

Then today, I finally made the shirt! PR review here

Also a success, with a 1″ tuck above the bust on all pieces. And I conquered the twin needle! It’s been a good day.

From sewing

Next time I might bring the shoulders in just a hair. Then again, it might be the fabric.

From sewing
From sewing
2 Comments leave one →
  1. March 16, 2009 7:48 pm

    Wow! You are on fire! So cute.

  2. April 13, 2009 5:39 pm

    Both are great – makes me want to sew 🙂

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