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Color me sheepish

March 24, 2010

One of the problems with not blogging for almost year is that I keep running across things I made, that I forgot I made, or at least forgot to tell you I made. Case in point: yesterday it rained (but not inside this time, thank goodness!) and I put on my raincoat. Then I thought, hey! I showed the blog Tom’s raincoat but not mine!

Then I thought, hmm, mine doesn’t look so good, maybe I’ll just keep it a secret. But this is a project from last March and I’ve learned a lot since then, so we’ll call this a lesson instead of a FO report.

The fabric is another JoAnn’s clearance find, not quite so opposed to the iron as Tom’s but prone to wrinkle (I was going to write “wrinkle like a mother,” but now that I am one that simile hits a little too close to home). The pattern (link to McCall’s site) is McCall’s 5060 (link to PR), and it went together fairly well (link to my PR review). Had some trouble with the collar, but I think that was more a result of me thinking I understood what was supposed to happen rather than actually understanding what was supposed to happen. That ever happen to you?

I made it double breasted (view C, but did the inseam pocket from view A) so that I could continue to wear it throughout my pregnancy last spring and early fall. By fall I couldn’t button it, but I could hold it closed and that was enough.


(the collar flip up is unintentional. I didn’t exactly spend a lot of time staging this shot. Although the lean-against-the-stroller-handle pose is rather nice, and true to life!)

You know, it’s funny that I forgot to show this to you because I have worn this so often. Last summer was chilly in June and I wore it about every day. Then every time it rained in July and I had a long walk from the train to the library I wore it. And last fall, even after Gracie-face came into the picture I shrugged it on quite a bit on milder days.DSC04045.JPG

However, even though it is on the most-played list, this coat will probably not make my greatest hits album. Indeed, had I blogged about it before I would have had a better sense of what was wrong with it. Perhaps blogging is not just vanity after all! 😉

First off, I thought I was being cool with the highly contrasting buttons but now I’m not digging them. I think it is the scale in addition to the color. They are too understated to be so bold, or something like that.

And second, I just don’t think it is that flattering. I realize that part of that is my fault because I scoffed at the shoulder pads but didn’t adjust the pattern for leaving them out. Also, I have since concluded that an under bust seam would be great. And, if I had blogged about it before, I would have seen that someone else on PR came to the exact same conclusion, with smashing results!

I do love the lining, though. Another clearance table steal, wish I’d bought more!


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  1. March 24, 2010 9:44 am

    I think it turned out pretty well, actually (and the lining is awesome!), but I know exactly when you yourself see all the flaws while others don’t. So I am glad you are still getting lots of use out of it, because I think most of the “problems” are only visible to you.

  2. March 24, 2010 10:02 am

    You are killing me! Coats! You sew coats!!! I thought I loved it, until I saw the lining. Then I SUPER LOVED it.

  3. March 24, 2010 1:34 pm

    Oh yeah, that lining is killer! Love it. I can’t believe you are making coats. That is crazy. I think it looks super flattering and don’t see any of the flaws you do…but I totally know how that goes. From my view though, it looks great!

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