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I’m officially moving in to The Seamery

July 18, 2010

So this internet thing, sometimes it makes life too easy. Or at least it greatly inhibits my inborn nature to tread slowly and over think things. And I’ve been thinking about this post for a long time, the whens and whats and whys of how to make the switch from my own blog to sharing with my mom. But, why put off a good thing? So for no good reason other than it is today and I’m excited to be doing this (and my baby is napping for more than 45 minutes!), I’m officially moving in!

For my first official Seamery post, it only makes sense to start with some dresses made for my baby Gracie, in collaboration with my mom and my SIL.

First up, the Oliver & S Tea Party Sundress. My SIL picked this pattern out so that we could make matching outfits for my daughter and her son to wear to our mutual SIL’s wedding. I made the red and white version to test sizing, as I’ve noticed Gracie already shares her mother’s tendency to require alterations. I’m glad I did, since this was the 12-18 month size and ended up being a little big for her at the time (she was about 7 months old).

From sewing

Pattern review here.

The pink linen blend version is the one she wore to the wedding, 6-12 mo. size. Mom and I worked on it together, and she helped me make a few changes such as lining the entire dress that really made a difference in the finished product. Now that I’ve made a second Oliver & S pattern (I’ll blog about that later this week), I’m more excited about them. Still, if you want my honest opinion, I have to say that I think there are other Oliver & S patterns that are made more easily to better effect.

From sewing
From sewing

Pattern review here.

I made bloomers based off of the pattern’s bloomer pattern to go underneath, since I wanted her little legs to have a little more coverage for pictures and being passed around and cuddled! I made the top of the pattern in a knit so it would stretch over her head without bothering with the buttons. I moved the curved seam line down 1/2 inch to avoid adding bulk to the seam line on the dress. For the bottom, I used a cute brown cotton and added several inches in length and width to the original bloomers pattern. The bottom hem pulls in thanks to elastic, and that’s that!

Well, of course that’s not really that, because I had to add shoes and break my personal rules against strictly ornamental headgear for babies. I made up the shoe pattern, and the flowers are just a pink knit cut into petal shapes, layered, and secured with a button, with a matching boutonniere (can you spell that without googling??) for Mom as she and Dad happily filled their roles as babysitting Grandma & Grandpa while Tom and I stood up in the wedding.

From sewing

From sewing
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  1. Trail's Crafts permalink
    July 19, 2010 3:15 am

    Adorable dresses. I really like the red and white one.

  2. July 19, 2010 3:50 pm

    The bloomers. Cannot get over the bloomers.

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