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Did you forget I had a blog?

December 5, 2010

Well, me too. Not in the sense that if someone had asked me if I blog, I’d have had to turn my head and squint before acknowledging that I thought so, but rather in the jumble of days tumbling over weeks pell mell I have completely forgotten to talk to you. Which is a bit strange, since you (as “the blog”) tend to be the recipient of several sewing- or knitting-induced internal monologues over the course of a project.

Next thing you know, someone is going to tell me that mental emails don’t work either. Pshaw.

In the meantime, I left you with the slightly vague and slightly whiny notion that my sewing machine was broken again. Which is how I ended up with this.

Turns out, my old machine really was broken, and when I took it to a real repair person (as opposed to the flat fee guy in Quincy who it turns out equated “oiling” with repair–caveat emptor) it came back in better shape than I’ve ever seen. Who knew the Singer Stylist came with stretch stitches? And it turns out that the machine I bought on Ebay without a power cord (for $10! Plus $17 shipping, but still) while deciding whether to pony up for repairs actually does work, and minus the minor break I inflicted on it when trying to “fix” it, it works very well. I’m a little bit delighted to have two of these gems, even though it is rather excessive. Turns out I’m ok with excess if it comes in 1970’s appliance beige.

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