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Welcome to The Seamery! We’re a mother (Dyan), daughter (Sula), and daughter (Gracie) who are constantly seaming up something new. Since we find ourselves living far apart, this blog is a space for us to share our creations with each other and with our lovely guests.


For years my love of color and texture has been satisfied by fabric. My makings are many and varied – quilts, quilting services, purses, bags, throws, table toppers, and rugs, to name a few – because I am always guided by my materials. A fantastic floral may find itself nestled between stately stripes and playful polka dots, and all three will somehow look better together than alone. The sum is greater than its parts? For a quilter, certainly! My quilts come in all sizes, and are made of high quality quilting cottons. The fabrics and the piecing then inspires each original design for the quilting. I plan to offer patterns for some of my quilts as I have the time and you have the interest!

The handcrafted stitched goods are from my “rescued remnants” collection. All items are made of new materials and are original, one of a kind designs. They are made from remnants and samples of high quality upholstery grade fabrics, showcasing the latest in home decor. I collect them and make them into beautiful throws, handbags and other home items. It’s my favorite way to go “green” – such gorgeous fabrics do not deserve to end up in a landfill!


A new mom to my cutie pie daughter Gracie, writing a dissertation on early American sacred music in five minute increments, living north of Boston with my husband while he completes his surgical residency (but thank goodness he’s not on Boston Med). Must have my hands busy at all times (which explains the knitting and sewing), a believer and a prayer (hmmm, what exactly do you call one who prays?), and a slave to the possibilities of the parenthetical thought (but you already figured that out by now).

I’ve been blogging on my own for a while but am delighted to get to mooch off of be inspired by my mom’s creativity in the virtual realm too! Besides, I’m the one with high speed internet. She’s blogging on (gasp!) dial up.


Ok, ok…Gracie is not even a year old yet, but she does keep up in stitches! And it must be said that she provides an awful lot of the inspiration around here.

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